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Fabrication of laterally blazed gratings

Henna Elfström a,Markku Kuittinen a, Tuomas Vallius a, Bernd H. Kleemann b, J. Ruoff c, R. Arnold c

a University of Joensuu, Department of Physics, P.O.Box111, FI-80101 Joensuu, Finland
b Carl Zeiss, D-73446 Oberkochen, and
c Carl Zeiss SMT AG, D-73446 Oberkochen

Area-coded ective medium structures (ACES) are a recently presented novel type of diffractive structure. Because of their larger stability compared to 2D binary blazed gratings they have the potential of a broader use in micro-optics applications. The first fabrication experiments with electron-beam lithography validate the theoretical model of blazed ACES. Measured diffraction efficiencies are presented and a good agreement between the theoretical analysis and measurements has been obtained.

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