Report E-7, 11th MICROOPTICS CONFERENCE, Tokyo, 2005

Laterally Blazed Structures For New And Stable, High Efficiency Diffractive Optical Elements

Bernd H. Kleemann a, R. Arnold b, J. Ruoff a

a Carl Zeiss, D-73446 Oberkochen, and
b Carl Zeiss SMT AG, D-73447 Oberkochen

A new type of sub-wavelength blazed diffractive optical element is proposed characterised by structures having a “pie-slice” form with sub-wavelength feature sizes in lateral direction making it more stable than binary blazed ones in 2D-arrangements like Fresnel lenses. Efficiency of laterally blazed gratings is superior to conventional blazed and comparable with binary blazed gratings. Key words: Diffractive optics, binary optics, sub-wavelength blaze structures

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